Gruff Portrait

Gruff Geocache

Hi, my name is Gruff. Welcome to my life!

Watch me for clues to find my geocache.

I am fun and exciting to keep tabs on as I go about my daily business.

Gruff Toys

I may be a troll, but I really like my toys. These are some of the things that I use:

1. Canon Powershot : I like it because I can take it everywhere and it is big enough to be great, and small enough to just carry around.

2. Etrex 20: My handy dandy geocaching machine. I like the waterproof feature.

3. Flip Phone: I'm so OLD SCHOOL.

4. Tablets: Ipad2 and Galaxy Tab 7 that I won on

5. Electoplasma Zombie gun: for those days you just need one.