Gruff Portrait

Gruff Geocache

Hi, my name is Gruff. Welcome to my life!

Watch me for clues to find my geocache.

I am fun and exciting to keep tabs on as I go about my daily business.


1. How tall are you?


2. Do you like boys or girls?


3. Who are you living with?

My friends Craig, Jon, Benny, and dog Patchy.

4. Are you magical?

No. I am scientifically advanced.

5. How old are you?

I entered (this) world in 1990.

6. Do you have a Phd.?


7. Why do you like bridges so much?

I'm a troll.

8. Why do you hate goats so much?

I don't hate them, they just need to go extinct.

9. Are you single?

Yes. If you are looking for a date check out my profile **Gruff_Troll on POF**.

10. Why do you change your clothes so often?

I won free maid service for life, and I like to make them work for it.