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  1. is my portal to all my sites, and displays my personal information and my COMMERCIAL GRAPHIC DESIGN work.

  2. displays my PERSONAL DIGITAL ART.

  3. is my site for LOCAL ARTISTS and first book publishing site.

  4. Machines and is an open site for SciFi/Fantasy artists to display their work. It will be used for a book on that topic shortly.

  5. coming soon.

  6. coming soon.

  7. Naevus – a point and click adventure is an ongoing project that started my learning Photoshop and Flash ten years ago.

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  1. Requirements to be a freelancer.
    1. Bank Account – simple, but you have to have one.
    2. Credit Card – needed for paypal
    3. Paypal – to accept creditcard payments, ebay, buy supplies, pay for printing, etc
    4. Business cards
    5. Business card holder (lots)
    6. Your portfolio books (2)
    7. Email address for business
    8. Website
    9. CV (list of shows and publications)
    10. Friends (4 types*)
    1. Photoshop,
    2. Illustrator,
    3. Word
    4. …ideally (flash, Excel)
    1. Something to run Photoshop (ram)…ideally double monitor…ideally one CRT
    2. Lots of harddrive space
    3. Camera (surprisingly most digitals will do)
    4. Tablet helps

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