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Ontario, Canada, N1R 3A4
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Pictures of Craig Musselman

Craig in 3 modes (Draco Flambeau, casual, and Art Gallery)

Age: solve for x: x^2 – 21x -882 = 0

  • I was born in Kitchener, but grew up in a little town called Shakspeare 20 miles West.

  • I have a BSc. Physics with a minor in Math from University of Waterloo. A certificate in Digital Imaging from Conestoga College and a Diploma in Web Design and Development from Trios College.

  • I specialize in elaborate photo-montage using Photoshop but currently accepting work in most web and print services. Call me. I also do a lot of large scale floral closeups in acrylic paint.

  • I collect antiques, commute long distances on my bicycle although i recently finally broke down and bought a car, and live with my partner Jon McCrea who works at drive test (the guy who takes you out in the car to see if you can get a licence).

craig and jon

Craig's artwork of a dragon

Search Party - Photoshop

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